Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Essence Nail Polish and Blush Review

Hii, apologies for the pic heavy post! I wanted to share my thoughts on the new me and my ice-cream range because these pastel colours match the perfect spring weather we've been having so perfectly! The nail polish range has 4 colours, and they have the cutest names! I found that the polishes were a little sheer (although two thick coats worked quite well), and they all have a slightly shimmery finish. I don't know if its my technique, or impatience with the drying time, but I found that these polishes mark and smudge fairly easy within an hour of applying (maybe my coats are too thick). All the images of the nail polish on the left were without flash, and with flash on the right.

Ben and Cherries is such a gorgeous pale pink. I actually don't have a colour like this anymore, but I pretty my first ever nail polish was fairly close to this colour.


For me, Always In My Mint was my least favourite. It just didn't suit my skin tone very well, and in certain light, it looked more grey than it did mint.

Ice Ice Baby was probably one of my favourites. The image with flash (right) is much more true to the colour, although in certain light, it did come off slightly pink. It was the most opaque polish out of the collection, and I just love purples!

Unfortunately for me, Icylicious was the worse polish in regards to application. I felt that the formula was more runny and sheer, but I love this colour. It's meant to be a pale apricot colour, but comes off more nude against my skin tone - but in a good way. Most nude polishes look terrible so I'm really happy with this colour. Lots of patience required in the application though!

The cream blush was in the colour ice bomb. It felt really spongy, and gave a beautiful pink/peachy colour. It was quite pigmented and had a nice sheen to it. I really like this blush! With a light hand, it gives a gorgeous glow to the skin, and if you apply it a little heavier, it has a great colour pay off! I was really impressed with this product.

The images above show blended and heavy swatch of the blush. The image of the left had flash.

What did you think of the new essence trend edition?


  1. I got the polishes, the blush and the little illuminating beads from this range!
    My tip with pastel polishes is to use a nail brightener base (I use one by Cutex and it works a treat!)
    I haven't tried these ones myself but they're not too bad! I love the blush too! xx

    1. Ohhh thanks for the tip! I actually used the essence base and top coat to get the full essence experience :P I think I'll try your suggestion with my Seche Vite topcoat and see if I yield better results :P

  2. I think I might need that blush :) Haha. It sounds like a lovely little collection from Essence...they always have amazing limited edition products.

    1. I am in love with the blush! I've been using it everyday since I go it! It stays put too! :)