Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Haul Post!

If you saw my LHI post yesterday, you would then know I had a very good post day! I wanted to do a little haul post to share my purchases!

First box was so funny - it was huge, and filled with loads and loads of tissue paper but only contained two small items! 

I forgot to take a picture so I stole the brush guard image from the website! I got two products that have been on my beauty bucket list for some time now from fishpond. I got it during click frenzy as they had a $10 off beauty purchases offer! This site has loads of cheap make-up, as well as a lot of products that I think are hard to find! It also has free shipping! Yay :) Anyhoos, onto the products..

Seche Vite Topcoat
As a massive nail polish fan, I can't believe I still haven't tried Seche Vite products! I've been meaning to purchase this online, but only realise I run out of top coat too late, and I end up buying some generic brand instead. I don't like to have TOO many topcoats, as I prefer to go through one bottle at a time which is why it's taken so long for me to finally purchase this!

Brush Guard
I've actually wanted to get these brush guards ever since Michelle Phan mentioned it in her video years and years ago, but back then, I didn't have a credit card, and when I finally got one, this item slipped my mind. When I saw this on fishpond, I knew I had to get it. I think these will be great, especially for when I pop my brushes in my travel bag!

Second box contained BENEFIT! YAY :) 

Looks like a beauty box :P

I combined my shopping with my friend so that we could get free shipping :P
Stocked up on essentials (erase paste and high beam!), and got a few minis to play around with :)

Coral my world is such a cute little set! It's $12USD, and these mini blushes are such a great travel size. I really recommend this pack to anyone who wants to try a product but is on the fence about getting the full size! I had the same sample sized high beam, and that lasted me a few months, as you do use it sparingly, so its well worth the cost :)

The Dandelion wishes pack was only $10! Pretty cheap in my books. I really wanted to try out the dandelion (I was a tad worried it might be too pale for me), and the lipgloss is a fairly decent size - perfect for your handbag ;)

Finding Mr Bright is currently on sale for $28! I love that they are all deluxe minis, yet still so generous. The erase paste is probably the most worthwhile product - the full sized erase paste is 4.4g whereas the mini is 3.2g! I mainly got it for the erase paste as I like to have minis handy for my travel bag!

Well, thats it for my mini haul - probably last haul for a while since I need to save! I just got tickets to go to the US over Christmas, so want to save up for sephora! hehe any suggestions of products/brands I should look out for in the US?

Monday, 22 July 2013

July LHI

Came home from work to those boxes, yay! I love a good mail day - so expect a little haul post soon :P
Anyhoos, onto my LHI goodies.. this months box was a bit heavier, which made it seem much more promising!

PHTS'S Lait Hydro-Nettoyant and Soin Riche Protecteur
I really dislike sachets - especially when it comes to trying out skincare products! These will go into my sachet sample box that I will use up...eventually :P 

CALIFORNIA MANGO Mango and Jojoba Body Lotion
This is a great size, and smells delish, so I'm already sold on this product! It's also veryyy cheap (only $3.49 for this full size bottle!) 

 SWISSE Hand Cream with Vitamin F and Pomegranate
I've actually received this product before in BB, and didn't really like or hate it. It was a blah product - it didn't really make my hands more moisturised and only seemed hydrating immediately after application. I also found that it left a slightly greasy residue, which can be annoying for some. Scent wise, I'm not in love but it doesn't make me gag either so thats a plus I guess. This will go onto my desk at work because I bring all my mediocre products and leave them at work haha

NUDE BY NATURE Tinted Moisturiser
Not really impressed with this product - I've used it before and just wasn't a huge fan. I found that it left my skin oily after a while. Props to LHI for providing a full sized bottle though~

I've never used a product like this before, and I hope it comes out on my black hair. Might try it for when the girls do a pink themed night haha

SCHWARZKOPF Extra Care Volume Powder
Not really sure if I will use this - My hair is usually quite boofy on its own, maybe I'll save it for those flat hair days to see if it really does work! 

Believe it or not, I was actually most excited about this product. I've always wanted to try twistbands ever since I missed out on the BB that contained them, so I'm glad I can try what seems to be a dupe of that product. The Purple one also matches my gym shoes perfectly! :P

On the fence about this product - I'm not the biggest fan of taking supplements, especially ones that seem too good to be true!

So that was my LHI box for July. Not a bad box, especially compared to the previous months, however, I'm still not seeing the value, especially considering the price has increased to $19.95 a month. I think that the products from BB and LHI seem to be on par - however BB is a mere $15 per month. What do you think?

Saturday, 20 July 2013

'Hazy' NOTD

Hi Guys..
Just another quick NOTD post :) I'm hoping to do these more regularly since it forces me to do my nails more often (I went from changing my nails every day to leaving my nails chipped and yucky for weeks at a time). I wanted to use my grey polish since I've hardly ever use it, and decided to make it more fun with pastel blue and pink dots! :)

What I used:
Revlon Top Speed in Hazy
Ingot in no. 972
Ulta in Soft Hydrangea

Sunday, 14 July 2013

July Bellabox!

It's that time of the month again - beauty box time! YAY
This months BB was super heavy (and the lid was about to pop open, which was very promising!) However, I did not receive the babyfoot, which I have been itching to try since I missed out in LHI. Oh wells, maybe next time :P

Luxe City Guide:
I was really hoping to get a luxe guide for a city in USA since I am heading there at the end of the year. I got the London guide - anyone want to do a little swapsies? :P haha

 Yu-Be Moisturising Cream
I wish this was a bigger sample size! I've heard heaps of good things about this - hopefully I have enough to really test the effectiveness of this cream!
La Fresh Eco Beauty Wipes
I got the make-up remover wipes. If they are as good as the description, I might need to buy myself a box for when I go overseas!

Janesce Softening Refresher Mist
I love facial mists! They are so much fun, but maybe not so much in winter. This mist smells liek roses, so I might give it to my mum who loves the rose scent!

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Cream
Such a shame that this is a sachet - again, wishing I had a bigger sized sample because I'm really excited to try this product!

Clear Scalp & Hair shampoo and conditioner
I can understand why some people didn't like this product as it's one of those samples that you can get for free from other websites, however, I love travel sized shampoo and conditioner sets, and I've never tried Clear before, so I'm happy to give this a go.

Libra Hotties Heat Patches
I love these heat packs - they are so popular in Asia, and I'm glad to see that Australia is finally getting into it :P

Modelco Cheek + Lip tint
Yay, I love lip and cheek stains! Currently loving all the benefit ones, so I'd love to see how this compares to benetint!

I think this months BB has great variety - although I do wish we had bigger sample sizes (or maybe even a few sachets so we can really try out the products). What did you think of this months box? 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Floral and Polka dot NOTD

I couldn't sleep (should not have taken a nanny nap after work) so I decided to decorate my nails since it has been a while! Got inspiration from nail tutorials by Bubzbeauty and Elleandish! Click on the links to check out their tutorials! :P

I have a whole range of pink polishes, but I really liked the blue and yellow combination - it's nice splash of colour during dreary winter days :P However, since I only have lower end polishes in these colours, I'm still waiting for the polish to dry properly! (already smudged one finger *sad face*) Tips: be patient and let the polish dry (especially when using lower quality polishes!) - and I learned the hard way that applying topcoat too soon can drag the polish :( haha

What I used:
Ulta - Lily White
BYS - Black Nail Art Liner
Be Yourself - Darker blue/aqua colour (got this in a Xmas pack years ago, used for polka dot nails)
Seandal Nail Lacquer - Mint Whisper (used for flowers)
Innoxa - Lemon
Essence Quick Dry Top Coat
Dotting tool