Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing day!

Hi! I hope everyone had a good christmas! I got quite a few goodies this christmas, and hopefully I will find the time to blog about them all! Yesterday was boxing day and unfortunately for me, I was working most of the day :( The shopping centre was so busy, but I did find some time after my shift to pick up a few goodies!

Doesn't look like much does it? :( But it's ok, because I have a day off today, so that means MORE SHOPPING!!

 As you can see, I seem to have a slight obsession with orange :P The two maxi skirts I got from DECJUBA, and they are actually the same style, I just couldn't decide on which one I liked better!! It was such a bargain (down from $109 to $27) so I just took both! It's a gorgeous sheer maxi, and the lining hits just about the knees. It's so flattering (and makes me look taller yay!) That orange tank was also from DECJUBA and the saleslady just randomly gave me a tank to try with the black skirt and I liked it! You can actually find the orange maxiblack maxi and orange tank online! The brown belt was purchased from Pilgrim for only $10! Bargain!

This body butter from The Body Shop smells divine! It was actually new stock that hit the floors that day, so I paid full price for it, but it is worth it. It has a vineyard peach scent that is so delicious, and I can't stop using this! There was also a new Satsuma range, which smelt very citrusy! Check out the vinyard peach range here!
This set from Benefit was ridiculously cheap! It was down from $99 to $52!! I have been meaning to buy the Hervana for some time, but didn't want to cough up $51 for a blush just yet! It also came with a full size Porefessional (which I already have and LOVE) which retails for $53 and the BAD gal Lash, which promises to volumize lashes! I can't wait to try it all out, and I still can't get over just how cheap the sets were! All the Christmas sets were on sale, so everyone should definitely check Benefit out!!

That was all I got for boxing day, but I'm hoping to find more bargains today! Happy shopping everyone :)

Monday, 24 December 2012

December Lust Have It :)

Guess what came in the mail today? Perfect christmas surprise!

Yay! Best xmas gift! In this months LHI, I received:

Benefit Mascara:
I already own and LOVE this mascara (see review here)

Pelactiv Facial Refiner Deep Cleansing Scrub:
I am almost out of my face scrub so this will be the next one to use! I love that it's such a generous sample (I am sick of those little sachets of products!) Can't wait to try this out

Catwalk by Tigi:
I actually don't use that much hairspray - I only use mine on the soles of my shoes to stop me from slipping! This might go to someone else who needs it more!

Naked Tan Shimmer:
This gives a gorgeous, sunkissed shimmer. I am in love with this product, and it reminds me of the Benefit Sun Beam but in lotion form!

Glasshouse Fragrances Hand Creme:
I tried the kakadu one, which smells divine, and is very moisturizing. I found it slightly greasy but that wore off after a while

LHI exfoliating glove:
I am hoping this glove will combat those scaly legs I get from lack of moisturising in winter!

Speaking of presents, look at how pretty my tree looks! I am so proud of it because I was good this year and got most of my gifts a while before the Christmas rush with the exception of the bf's pressie - I was shopping after work at chadstone til 4am last night, then went to work, then shopped after work again! I got his presents (yes presents! he's so spoilt this year) at 5:53pm just as the shop was about to close!! HAHA never again..

I hope everyone and anyone reading this a Merry Christmas and a fantastic new year! I know I got a few makeup items for christmas already so I am itching to rip the wrapping and start blogging about them now that the christmas rush is over!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Giveaways to enter!

It's getting closer to that hectic time of year (and it's going to be super hectic for me because I haven't even started my Christmas shopping!) Here are some of the generous giveaways being hosted by fellow beauty bloggers!

Kitsch Snitch: 
Kat's giveaway is to celebrate 200 followers and christmas! Enter here to win a great selection of products (including OCC Lip Tar and limited edition MAC lipgloss!).

The Shopping Queen:
Jen has so generously provided SIX prizes up for grabs in the spirit of Christmas! Click here to enter!

Sweetaholic Beauty:
This giveaway is a mystery - and I hope whoever wins this blogs about it because I'm sure Jasmine has a great selection of products! Click here to enter!

The Maid Up Maiden: 
This is an amazing giveaway full of one of my fave brands - Lancome! Click here to enter!

Sammi was my first follower and this giveaway is to celebrate 25 followers! Congrats!! Check out this giveaway here!!

Goodluck to everyone entering these giveaways! :)

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

December Bellabox

I've had the most hectic week, and just came home to find this waiting for me on my bedside table! Needless to say, I ripped right into it and I'm super excited to show off my goodies! I've calculated the value of each product as well :)

Allegra Rhodes Hand and Nail Cream (5mL)
175mL RRP $32.95 
Product value: $0.94
Left: Anumi Miracel Recovery RightL Allegra Rhodes Hand and Nail Cream

I got the scent in Cherry Blossom! It smells gorgeous, but more like a soapy smell than cherry blossoms in my opinion! It feels great on the skin and I love the fact that it sinks right into my dry hands! This little thing is going straight into my handbag!

Anumi Miracle Recovery (5mL)
30mL RRP $65.00 
Product value: $10.83

This product is just what I need in this hectic christmas period! Working in retail during christmas means long hours, and lets hope this product does what it promises to do - it claims to be an overnight treatment that will restore skin! Definitely trying this out tonight!

John Frieda Frizz-ease Secret Weapon Flawless Finishing Creme (30mL)
133g RRP $16.99 
Product value: $3.83

One thing I hate about summer is FRIZZY HAIR! The heat makes my hair wild, and I'm so glad I get to try this product. I find that most products that claim to tame my frizz don't do much, so I'm excited to see how this product will fare. 

Reb'l Fleur By Rihanna (0.8mL)
100mL RRP $79.00 
Product value: $0.63

Not quite a big fan of Rihanna, but cute packaging!

Zipette (Full Size)
RRP $5.95

This is quite a random product to receive but very welcome nonetheless! Perfect for those Christmas parties when I've had a little more food than my jeans can hold :P

Savoir Faire Limited Edition Kit in 'Winter' (Full Size)
RRP $110.00

The product that I'm sure everyone has been waiting for! This is such a great palette, and I love the colours. When I saw the summer palette, I really wanted it, mainly due to the lighter eyeshadow colours, and the gorgeous lipgloss colour! But this palette, with its darker eyeshadow colours is probably more suitable for my skin tone, and I can't wait to play around with the colours (I'm so sick of wearing safe neutrals everyday!)
Gorgeous colours - can't wait to play with them in my spare time!

Total box value : $126.23
Overall, this box had an amazing value! I'm so happy with this box - best early christmas gift EVER! Even without the Savoir Faire kit, it was already worth more than the $15 that we paid!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Mini MUA Haul #2

Look what came in the mail! :)

Dusk til Dawn Palette
You can never have too many eyeshadows right?! Well..thats what I tell myself at least! There are a few similar shades to the undressed palette (lots of browns and neutrals), however, there are also some lovely metallics, and a gorgeous blue and green colour that I just can't wait to try out!

Mega Volume Mascara
I was curious to try out their mascara, and since it was so cheap why not?! This mascara wand was quite large with lots of synthetic bristles. I loved that it didn't clump up my lashes, but unfortunately, did not volumise my lashes much. It'll be a great everyday mascara, but if you are looking for a volumising mascara, I would not recommend this one.

Extreme Felt Liner Black
I felt (no pun intended!) that this liner was not that great. It wasn't extremely black like I hoped, and the felt tip was quite large so it's hard to draw a thin line. Maybe I am just biased because I love the NARS felt tip liner too much (see review here)!

False Eyelashes Vixen
Have yet to try these out, but these look great for the price I paid!


Lipstick shade 5
Pale, frosty pink. Unfortunately for me, I can't seem to pull off frosty pinks! 

Lipstick shade 6
Gorgeous rose coloured lipstick. Has a slight hint of shimmer, and feels very hydrating! Loving this :)

Lipstick shade 12
I like to call this a Barbie pink, because that colour is just so reminiscent of my favourite doll! It's a tad bright on me, and so I probably won't be using this as an everyday colour, but that doesn't mean I love it any less!

Lipboom - It's a situation
A dark pink, almost fuschia. I prefer the lipstick on its own, as the gloss is very sparkly, and slightly sticky, which is something I don't like about lipglosses. It really does make my lips seem more plump though!

Lip stain - Fabulicious
I am in love this this product! I thought it would be too light for my lips, but it gives a lovely natural pink colour to my lips, and evens out the lip colour (my top lip is way lighter than my lower lip!). When I first applied it, it felt like it was drying out my lips, so I would definitely recommend using a lip balm regularly. 

L: Swatches taken without flash
R: Swatches taken with flash

Magnetic Nails
I have always wanted to try magnetic nails! I got this in a lovely deep purple, and I am so excited to try it I have already painted my toes the first coat, and waiting for it to dry so that I can do a second coat and then play with the magnet! :P

Saturday, 1 December 2012

NARS Andy Warhol Edie Gift Set

I got the NARS Gift Set for my birthday! I was super excited when my friends handed me a Mecca Cosmetica Bag and even more excited to see this gift set inside! I Basically ripped it open and started playing with it as soon as I got home! This gift set is based on Edie Sedgwick, who was the sixties It Girl "with the biggest eyes, the shortest skirt and longest legs". 

The gift set is presented in such a lovely way! All the products were inside an authentic 16mm film canister, and held with dense foam (I felt like James Bond - the packaging reminded me of how they package guns inside those briefcases!)

Eyeliner Stylo in Carpates
This eyeliner is amazing. It's a felt tipped liner in black, and is so easy to apply and VERY smudge proof! I had it on all day today, and it barely budged. 

Edie Eyeshadow 
This is a cream eyeshadow with a hint of shimmer. Very sheer and I think I will mostly be using this as a highlighter, and in the corners of my eyes!

Deep Throat/Amour Blush Duo 
So super excited to finally own a NARS blush! I've heard so many good things about these blushes, and I'm glad I got this duo! I've always wanted to try these two colours (as well as the Orgasm Blush!!). Deep throat is a shimmering, sheer pink, it is so gorgeous and armour is a matte peachy pink. I like to wear Deep Throat on top of Amour to give a lovely flush. Cannot be happier with this product!!

Film Star Pure Matte Lipstick 
Unfortunately this one was a bit of a miss for me. It was described as a 60s nude pink, but there is hardly any pink for me. It is almost the same colour as my concealer! As its a matte lipstick, it is also very unforgiving on dry lips (something I am suffering from at the moment). According to my friends, it can be used as a lipstick primer instead, so I might give that a go (after exfoliating my lips!). 

From L-R: Deep Throat Blush, Amour Blush, Edie Eyeshadow, Film Star Lipstick & Eyeliner Stylo in Carpates