Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing day!

Hi! I hope everyone had a good christmas! I got quite a few goodies this christmas, and hopefully I will find the time to blog about them all! Yesterday was boxing day and unfortunately for me, I was working most of the day :( The shopping centre was so busy, but I did find some time after my shift to pick up a few goodies!

Doesn't look like much does it? :( But it's ok, because I have a day off today, so that means MORE SHOPPING!!

 As you can see, I seem to have a slight obsession with orange :P The two maxi skirts I got from DECJUBA, and they are actually the same style, I just couldn't decide on which one I liked better!! It was such a bargain (down from $109 to $27) so I just took both! It's a gorgeous sheer maxi, and the lining hits just about the knees. It's so flattering (and makes me look taller yay!) That orange tank was also from DECJUBA and the saleslady just randomly gave me a tank to try with the black skirt and I liked it! You can actually find the orange maxiblack maxi and orange tank online! The brown belt was purchased from Pilgrim for only $10! Bargain!

This body butter from The Body Shop smells divine! It was actually new stock that hit the floors that day, so I paid full price for it, but it is worth it. It has a vineyard peach scent that is so delicious, and I can't stop using this! There was also a new Satsuma range, which smelt very citrusy! Check out the vinyard peach range here!
This set from Benefit was ridiculously cheap! It was down from $99 to $52!! I have been meaning to buy the Hervana for some time, but didn't want to cough up $51 for a blush just yet! It also came with a full size Porefessional (which I already have and LOVE) which retails for $53 and the BAD gal Lash, which promises to volumize lashes! I can't wait to try it all out, and I still can't get over just how cheap the sets were! All the Christmas sets were on sale, so everyone should definitely check Benefit out!!

That was all I got for boxing day, but I'm hoping to find more bargains today! Happy shopping everyone :)


  1. Shopping ftw! :D Oh my gosh, my friend was telling me about The Body Shop's new body butter in Peach and I totally forgot about it until I came across this post, haha. Need to get myself in stores tmr to check it out! :)

    1. Definitely check it out! I went and stocked up on two of the body washes and more body butter because the lady at The Body Shop told me that it was limited and not being restocked D: I hope she was lying because I will be ultra sad if she is right:(