Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Mini MUA Haul #2

Look what came in the mail! :)

Dusk til Dawn Palette
You can never have too many eyeshadows right?! Well..thats what I tell myself at least! There are a few similar shades to the undressed palette (lots of browns and neutrals), however, there are also some lovely metallics, and a gorgeous blue and green colour that I just can't wait to try out!

Mega Volume Mascara
I was curious to try out their mascara, and since it was so cheap why not?! This mascara wand was quite large with lots of synthetic bristles. I loved that it didn't clump up my lashes, but unfortunately, did not volumise my lashes much. It'll be a great everyday mascara, but if you are looking for a volumising mascara, I would not recommend this one.

Extreme Felt Liner Black
I felt (no pun intended!) that this liner was not that great. It wasn't extremely black like I hoped, and the felt tip was quite large so it's hard to draw a thin line. Maybe I am just biased because I love the NARS felt tip liner too much (see review here)!

False Eyelashes Vixen
Have yet to try these out, but these look great for the price I paid!


Lipstick shade 5
Pale, frosty pink. Unfortunately for me, I can't seem to pull off frosty pinks! 

Lipstick shade 6
Gorgeous rose coloured lipstick. Has a slight hint of shimmer, and feels very hydrating! Loving this :)

Lipstick shade 12
I like to call this a Barbie pink, because that colour is just so reminiscent of my favourite doll! It's a tad bright on me, and so I probably won't be using this as an everyday colour, but that doesn't mean I love it any less!

Lipboom - It's a situation
A dark pink, almost fuschia. I prefer the lipstick on its own, as the gloss is very sparkly, and slightly sticky, which is something I don't like about lipglosses. It really does make my lips seem more plump though!

Lip stain - Fabulicious
I am in love this this product! I thought it would be too light for my lips, but it gives a lovely natural pink colour to my lips, and evens out the lip colour (my top lip is way lighter than my lower lip!). When I first applied it, it felt like it was drying out my lips, so I would definitely recommend using a lip balm regularly. 

L: Swatches taken without flash
R: Swatches taken with flash

Magnetic Nails
I have always wanted to try magnetic nails! I got this in a lovely deep purple, and I am so excited to try it I have already painted my toes the first coat, and waiting for it to dry so that I can do a second coat and then play with the magnet! :P


  1. nice haul :) I like the look of the lipsticks. I am yet to buy anything from MUA I might wait until the next big sale. :)

    1. Yeah thats a smart idea! The lipsticks are a bit of a hit and miss for me - some of them have a lovely formula, others seem to highlight my dry lips =.= I love the lip stains though, and plan to purchase more at their next big sale!

  2. Great haul. All the lipsticks look lovely. It's great seeing swatches like that because they look nothing like that on the website! I'd buy shade 12 next time they have a sale.
    I'd love to see a review and swatches of the dusk till dawn palette :)

    1. Thanks for reading! That's a great idea - I will try and swatch the palette sometime soon, I basically just blogged this as soon as I opened the package! I was too excited to share it haha

  3. You have a great range of lip products here, I'm loving the colour of Shade 12! The magnetic nail polish looks interesting, I can't wait til you put up some nail swatches.

    1. Thanks Tammy! Yeah shade 12 is gorgeous! I think MUA is having a 40% off sale right now, and free nail polishes with every order (not sure how much shipping costs though) - I will definitely put up more swatches when I get the time - you know how it gets around christmas time! :P