Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Kiehl's Gift Set

I received this gift from our friends secret santa for Chrismtas! As soon as I saw the Kiehl's Box I was super duper excited!! Everything was packaged so nicely, with dried flowers all over the box :) Our budget was $30 but my secret santa went slightly over budget!

The Lip balm was the first thing I reached for! It was quite coincidental, as I was actually at the Kiehls counter the day before I received this, and was checking out the lip balms during my work break! I love this balm so much. It is made from petroleum so its like having a tube of vasoline, with the addition of sunscreen. My lips get so chapped in the harsh Aussie sun, and I feel like this thing works really well to protect, and relieve dry lips!
I've been using this conditioner every time I've washed my hair and I've actually noticed a significant difference in my hair. My hair feels softer and silkier, and the scent is gorgeous. It says that it is made naturally from avocado oil, lemon extract and olive fruit oil, and it has a very subtle, but lovely sweet smell to it!
To be honest, I don't really like this scent. I'm not a fan of woody smells, so I spritzed it once when I got it and never again :P
This body lotion sinks right into the skin without making it greasy. I love that it has lychee in it too! Lychee is my favourite fruit scent and I think everyone should use lychee scents in their products :P It actually has a very strong initial scent of the orange flower, but the lychee scent really creeps up on you after application.

This was the first beauty related gift that I received which is why I posted about this set first. There are a few more items I received that I can't wait to share with you all!

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