Monday, 22 July 2013

July LHI

Came home from work to those boxes, yay! I love a good mail day - so expect a little haul post soon :P
Anyhoos, onto my LHI goodies.. this months box was a bit heavier, which made it seem much more promising!

PHTS'S Lait Hydro-Nettoyant and Soin Riche Protecteur
I really dislike sachets - especially when it comes to trying out skincare products! These will go into my sachet sample box that I will use up...eventually :P 

CALIFORNIA MANGO Mango and Jojoba Body Lotion
This is a great size, and smells delish, so I'm already sold on this product! It's also veryyy cheap (only $3.49 for this full size bottle!) 

 SWISSE Hand Cream with Vitamin F and Pomegranate
I've actually received this product before in BB, and didn't really like or hate it. It was a blah product - it didn't really make my hands more moisturised and only seemed hydrating immediately after application. I also found that it left a slightly greasy residue, which can be annoying for some. Scent wise, I'm not in love but it doesn't make me gag either so thats a plus I guess. This will go onto my desk at work because I bring all my mediocre products and leave them at work haha

NUDE BY NATURE Tinted Moisturiser
Not really impressed with this product - I've used it before and just wasn't a huge fan. I found that it left my skin oily after a while. Props to LHI for providing a full sized bottle though~

I've never used a product like this before, and I hope it comes out on my black hair. Might try it for when the girls do a pink themed night haha

SCHWARZKOPF Extra Care Volume Powder
Not really sure if I will use this - My hair is usually quite boofy on its own, maybe I'll save it for those flat hair days to see if it really does work! 

Believe it or not, I was actually most excited about this product. I've always wanted to try twistbands ever since I missed out on the BB that contained them, so I'm glad I can try what seems to be a dupe of that product. The Purple one also matches my gym shoes perfectly! :P

On the fence about this product - I'm not the biggest fan of taking supplements, especially ones that seem too good to be true!

So that was my LHI box for July. Not a bad box, especially compared to the previous months, however, I'm still not seeing the value, especially considering the price has increased to $19.95 a month. I think that the products from BB and LHI seem to be on par - however BB is a mere $15 per month. What do you think?


  1. Ohhh Amy I was most excited about the hair ties too haha! I have also tried the Nude by Nature moisturiser and wasn't overly impressed so I'm a bit ehhh about this box! I pretty much felt exactly the same as you haha!

  2. I received the exact same box (and a gold hair shadow). Let me know if the pink shadow comes up on your hair, the gold didn't seem to work on me. It think it was a good box considering the effort they put in to source f/s products, a few products I'm not sure about - the hair shadow and hair powder...

    1. I was really curious too and tried it last night - didn't turn up on my black hair very well at all :( it was very VERY chalky, and applied so patchily. I didn't even try locking it in with hair spray (who wants patchy pink hair?!) so it rubbed right off haha