Thursday, 11 July 2013

Floral and Polka dot NOTD

I couldn't sleep (should not have taken a nanny nap after work) so I decided to decorate my nails since it has been a while! Got inspiration from nail tutorials by Bubzbeauty and Elleandish! Click on the links to check out their tutorials! :P

I have a whole range of pink polishes, but I really liked the blue and yellow combination - it's nice splash of colour during dreary winter days :P However, since I only have lower end polishes in these colours, I'm still waiting for the polish to dry properly! (already smudged one finger *sad face*) Tips: be patient and let the polish dry (especially when using lower quality polishes!) - and I learned the hard way that applying topcoat too soon can drag the polish :( haha

What I used:
Ulta - Lily White
BYS - Black Nail Art Liner
Be Yourself - Darker blue/aqua colour (got this in a Xmas pack years ago, used for polka dot nails)
Seandal Nail Lacquer - Mint Whisper (used for flowers)
Innoxa - Lemon
Essence Quick Dry Top Coat
Dotting tool


  1. Wow amazing job! You definitely have some skills haha! Ahd noooo I hate it when I smudge!

    1. Thanks Jasmine! haha not skills - just too much time on my hands :P