Monday, 11 February 2013

Valentine's Day Swap!

I participated in my first swap hosted by the lovely Jasmine! Thank you Jasmine for organising this swap, and a big thanks to my awesome swap partner, Amber! Amber was the perfect swap partner, and made the entire experience so enjoyable.. she spoilt me heaps too! Without further ado, lets look at all the goodies I received! :)
Everything was in this silver parcel box, and packaged so nicely! Auspost decided to seal off the entire box with the "Auspost Repaired" sticky tape, and it made it such a struggle to tear it open :P 
Throughout the swap, we had a few chats about our likes and dislikes, and Amber really listened to me! I told her the products I prefer to use, and since I don't have much on my wishlist right now, I asked her to surprise me with the things she loved, and everything she got me was perfect! She even wrote these cute little notes explaining why she loved the products so much! 

Loreal Color Riche in Monaco Roses and Perle de Jade
The first thing I happened to pull out of the parcel were these gorgeous nail polishes!l I think she read my mind! I actually saw the stand for this range of nail polishes in priceline, however, it was empty, and I have been searching for these nail polishes for ages! I love the formula and especially love the colours! I couldn't decide which one I loved more so I tried them both out! :)

Scentio Raspberry Yoghurt Pack and Honey Facial Mask
One of the things I absolutely love is face masks, and now I have new face masks to play with! YAY :) Amber told me that she first heard of this brand when she went to Thailand, and I'm so glad she included these, because I love trying out new face masks (and I always think Asian face masks are better hehe)! Cannot wait to try these out! The raspberry yoghurt pack is a gel-like face mask with little beads that promise to be moisturising, nourishing and a skin refiner. The honey mask is a super thick cream hydrates the skin! So super excited to try these out :)

Target Naturals Toner
Amber says that this toner is one of her favourites, and so I'm very keen to try it out! I have about a quarter of a bottle left of my toner, so I will start using it as soon as mine runs out :)

Essence Get BIG Lashes
I've actually never tried many essence products, but have seen plenty of positive reviews about this brand! This mascara tube is very thick and the wand reminds me of the Maybelline Colossal Mascara!

Rimmel Scandaleyes in Sparkling Black
This product was actually on my to-buy list, since I've seen a few reviews that rave about this product. I love Rimmel eyeliners, and have used the Rimmel Soft Kohl Eye Pencil since forever! I can't wait to try this out next time I go out!

Essence Cherry Blossom Girl Eyeliner
I wanted to get something from this range since I saw it in everyones blog posts! I'm so glad she got me the eye liner, and I love the concept of having a thick and thin pen tip. So far, I find this eyeliner to be super pigmented and smudge proof! Not sure about the lasting power, but judging from the swatch I drew on my hand, I think its safe to say that this baby will last all night!

Essence Eyeshadow in Party All Night
Yay for gold eye shadow. Of all the colour eye shadows that she could have gotten me, Amber chose the one colour I don't own! This shadow is super pigmented and sparkly, and I can see why everyone raves about Essence!

I told Amber that the one thing I love most is lip products, and she spoiled me with SIX lip products!

Kate Lipstick in Rosette
This is the perfect matte pink for me! I am in love (I feel like I've said that so much during this post that it's lost its meaning :S ...but its true love I promise). Perfect pout for going out with the girls!

Loreal Studio Secrets in Nude
This is a lovely nude lipstick, with just a hint of a shimmer. Great for everyday!!

Essence Stay with me Lipgloss
I love lipglosses, and this one is no exception! I love that Amber got me the pinks and nudes, since that is what I've been reaching for everyday these past few months! :)

Essence in All About Cupcake
Ok, I will admit that when I first heard about this lipstick I thought this looked rather drab... it wasn't until I tried it and found that I was proven wrong, because this lipstick gives such a gorgeous, natural pink! I actually already have this lipstick, but now I can carry one with me without the fear of losing it (do you know how hard it is to find this colour?!) I can't get over how lovely this shade is when it is on! 
Hehe couldn't help but swatch the essence All About Cupcake - how pretty is that colour!?
Babylips ♥ Color in Pink Lolita and Berry Crush
I didn't even know the tinted babylips were out in Australia already (shame on me, right?) Haha I loved the babylips range, and I'm sure I'll love these even more! 

I got so ridiculously spoilt by Amber, and I'm so glad she was my partner in my first swap! She made my experience so enjoyable and fun, and I can't wait to participate in more swaps in the future! Make sure to check out her post about what I got her here! :)


  1. What a great bunch of goodies! Those nail polishes are gorgeous! Can't wait to hear more about what you think of the products.

    1. I know, I squealed when I saw the nail polishes! HAHA there are too many things for me to play with..I don't even know where to start :P

  2. Im so glad you liked everything! :) your nails look so cute! And yes we do happen to have matching bedsheets, how funny :P

    1. Great minds think alike! I am in love with the toner btw! :)

  3. wow you got a lot of great stuff very lucky girl :)

    1. Thanks Sammi! Swaps are so much fun! :)

  4. Love everything she got you! I'm glad you guys were a good match :)
    Thanks for taking part!

    1. HAHA such a good match that we have matching bedsheets! Thanks again for organising this! :)

  5. Lovely idea. That is such a nice parcel, especially those two polishes.
    Am your 13th follower - eeek! Haha, when you have a moment, do drop by my blog -

    1. Yay, lucky 13th :P Thanks for checking out my blog! I am currently stalking your blog :P

  6. Hey!

    I have nominated your for a Liebster award, an award that recognizes smaller blogs with less than 200 followers :)

    Follow this link to see the rules and questions, etc:

    Amber x

    1. Oh thank you so much! I will get to it when I'm slightly less busy :P