Friday, 1 February 2013

January Favourites

Since I made a new years resolution to start blogging more, I thought I would share my Jan faves with you all!

The picture above is a swatch of my favourite chubby stick at the moment - Chunky Cherry!  It's a gorgeous bright red colour that I love for summer. It's super moisturizing, and I love the packaging of this. I know there are now a lot of lip crayons and lip balms, but I loved the Clinique version the minute I tried it!

 I love the Too Faced Primed & Poreless so so much! I find that it is actually very similar to Benefits Porefessional, but I like this smell better, and it feels much more moisturizing than the Porefessional. However, it has the same texture as the Porefessional, which I love! I'm almost out of this tube so I am using Porefessional again while I wait for this primer to arrive in the mail!
 My absolute favourite nail colour for summer! This is Essie's Bikini so Teeny - I actually have it on in this picture!

 This was a sample I received from Kit since they were sold out of the whitening mask when I went :( This mask is a clay mask that smells amazing - it smells like raspberries!
 My favourite blush at the moment - I've been using this non stop because it gives such a gorgeous pink flush, and it smells nice too!

 This is my ultimate favourite moisturiser of all time! I've been using Clinique's Moisture Surge for almost 8 years now! This is the HUGE limited edition jar (its 125mL!) that my parents brought back for me from their recent trip overseas!
I love the Australis Make-up Finish Spritz so much this is actually the new bottle I just got to replace my old one! It smells so nice (that seems to be a trend haha) and feels so refreshing. To be honest, I don't notice my make-up lasting longer, but it feels nice to spray on, especially during those ridiculously hot days, that I  just keep it in my bag and spritz away whenever I feel too hot! I have always loved facial mists, but the ones I want always cost too much to justify - this Australis one is really affordable, and its pink too! Double win!

OMG I ALMOST FORGOT TO INCLUDE MY ULTIMATE FAVOURITE PRODUCTS FOR 2013! The Body Shop Vintage Peach Body Wash and Body Butter! Wow I can't believe I almost forgot, because I use these products daily! I've actually got a stock pile of the body wash and body butter because I was told by the sales lady that they may not restock these products!! I absolutely adore the peach scent, and I hope they never ever ever stop making these, because if they do, I would be so sad! To be honest, the body wash is quite average as far as body washes go, and I only use it for the scent but the body butter is amazing! I have stupid dry, scaly skin, especially on my legs and the body butter made it disappear!


  1. I need to get my hands on the Peach Body Butter before they stop selling it (why is it limited edition damn it?!). I smelt it in store and it smells so good! I love peachy things.
    I've been loving Bikini So Teeny and Hervana this month too, and the Red Revlon balmstain (I'm guessing the one that's similar to Chunky Cherry).

    1. Great minds think alike! HAHA yeah get the peach body butter before its too late! Its such a shame its so pricey or I would have bought the entire store out :P

  2. Ohh I'm a big fan of the Australis face spray! It's super refreshing, especially in summer! I find it does actually make my make-up "set" better, if that makes sense?
    And ohh I need to get my hands on that Peach Body Wash! Yummo!
    Great favourites!

    1. I'm glad it works so well for you! I think that in summer my skin gets a bit too oily, so no amount of make-up setting mist will work haha