Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Adorn samples

My October Bellabox had a $15 Adorn Mineral Cosmetics voucher, which is meant to be 100% natural, eco-friendly and sustainable. I had not heard about Adorn before Bellabox, so I decided to use my voucher to buy samples ($2.50 each). I ordered a sample of the Liquid Foundation in Medium, Loose Foundation in Medium, two lipstick shades in Berry Pink and Coral, and a sample of the Illuminiser in Natural. The samples came within a week, and sadly, were teeny tiny scrapings in the sample pots! There were a lot of unsatisfied customers, and even more complaints on their Facebook page - mostly about the sample sizes, but even complaints about how the labels were attached and issues with how to apply the lipstick samples!

Adorn Mineral Cosmetics were nice enough to send replacement samples, and I loved that they listened to their customers! The replacement samples arrived today, and I really liked that they listened to all the complaints! The sample pots for the foundations were full to the brim, and there was a sizeable sample of lipstick and illuminator this time. The labels for the sample pots were printed on clear labels that were attached to the bottom of the pots and the lipsticks came with those disposable lipgloss applicators! Very impressed with their response to feedback and criticism.

Samples on the left were the original size, and the ones on the right were the replacements

As you can see, the samples are significantly larger than before. I'm especially happy about the illuminator sample! When I first received it, I couldn't even apply it because the sample was so small! Now I get a chance to try it out! :) I also did a swatch of the lipstick samples (sorry for the bad quality, they were taken on my phone!)

It didn't come out so well in the picture above, but the Coral is a bit brighter, and I love it! I think its perfect for summer, and will be on my to-buy list as soon as I finish all my Christmas shopping!

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