Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Mini MUA Haul!

My MUA came in the post today! YAY! So excited :)

I am supposed to be on a spending ban, but the bargain hunter in me could not resist the free shipping and 35% off! This is order #1 (I had to make two orders since I forgot a few items in my rush to nab a bargain :P), and I'm very happy with what I got!

Waterproof Eyeliner
This was a great buy (worked out to be about 1.53!), and its quite a good eyeliner! Very easy to use, and once it dries, its completely smudge proof! YAY :)

Eye Primer
Non greasy, easy to apply and it seems to brighten up my eye area! Not sure how well it holds the eyeshadow (haven't had the time to really test it out) but so far so good.

Undressed Palette
I have seen so many reviews and swatches about how this is an amazing dupe of the UD Naked palette, and this is the product I was most excited to receive! Cannot believe how pigmented and smooth the eyeshadows were, however it was a bit powdery, and I experienced a little fall out (could also be because I kind of just chucked it on my face in sheer excitement!).

I have recently started my obsession with all things coral again, so I decided to get the lipsticks in 14, 15 and 16. I also got the lipstick in 4 because who can resist pink, right?

Lipstick Shade 4
This one was a bit of a disappointment for me, it was a very sheer pink, and I think the Carmex Moisture Plus Lip tint had a better colour payoff.

Lipstick Shade 14: Bare
A beautiful nude colour, and I'm so glad I found a nude lip colour that doesn't make me look I'm a zombie!

Lipstick Shade 15: Juicy
Definitely my favourite of the four. Its this gorgeous peachy/coral colour that looks perfect for summer, and very wearable.

Lipstick Shade 16:Nectar
This is a more orange version of 15. I don't think I will be wearing this colour everyday, but I still love it :)


  1. I love haul posts makes me want to shop :)
    I haven't tried anything by MUA so I was going to buy some things in the sale just to try it out but I stopped myself as I'm trying not to spend as much lol maybe after the holidays I'll buy a few things

    1. I'm waiting until they hit 50000 likes and have the 50% off and free shipping sale! I'm glad you enjoyed my first haul post :) I'm sure there will be plenty more to come with christmas around the corner ;)