Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Benefit Pretty Party

It was my birthday on Monday, and as a part of my present, my bestie got us tickets to the Benefit Pretty Party! This was the first make-up party/event thing I've ever attended, so I was really excited to see what it was all about! I've seen events like this for brands such as Napoleon Perdis, but never felt the need to go because there wasn't anything I REALLY wanted. I have been itching to buy the Benefit High Beam for sooo long (stupid spending ban!), and they had the high beam and tints in a cute little set! When the saleslady mentioned this event at Myer, I just knew it was fate. It was $50 for a ticket (redeemable on products during the night), sandwiches and macarons, bubbly and best of all, GOODY BAGS! I don't know about you, but I LOVE goody bags! Always have, always will. 

Our workstations! There were enough products for everyone to sample :)
The girls at Benefit were super nice, and they set up tables of 5-6 laden with all their products! They went through all their products, and we spent the night trying out all the Benefit products and learning the best way to apply them. This was really helpful since my make-up application skills are crap not up to scratch! I learnt how to apply a smokey eye look (FINALLY), and got my colour match for their Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow (Honey). Best of all, they had an awesome deal: if we bought 4 items, they would throw in a complimentary bottle of the So Hooked On Carmella fragrance (RRP $59)!

Naturally, I took advantage of this awesome deal, spending ban be damned!
My Benefit Haul!

Bestie & my Haul! Looks more impressive when we group it together :P


The real reason I went to this event in the first place. Chachatint is a cute mango-tinted lip and cheek stain. I works wonders with my skin tone, and it just so happens that I have a new-found obsession with CORAL :) I had intended on only buying this set with the redeemable credit, but somehow managed to buy 4 items (for the GWP of course!).

High Beam
Yay! I finally own this beautiful little bottle of awesomeness :P Ever since I tried it at the Benefit Bar, I've been lusting after it like no tomorrow. I've tried to use cheaper alternative brands, but nothing lives up to this. The girls at Benefit showed use how to apply it without excess wastage - all you need are three drops on your cheekbones, and blend away! I was told that this bottle will last for a long time :)

I never thought I would like this tint! This is a lovely poppy-pink tint that adds a gorgeous pink flush to the cheeks. I absolutely love it on my lips as well!

They're Real Mascara
To be honest, when I saw the before/after photos of this mascara, I did not believe it at all! But this mascara was AMAZING. Made my stumpy little lashes look so long and full, and holds a curl very nicely. This product caught my by surprise, and I just knew I needed to own it!

So Hooked On Carmella
How cute is the packaging?!
I didn't even know that Benefit had a line of perfumes! I loved this scent, and was glad this was the GWP for the night. It is a very feminine smell, and they described it as a floral vanilla. I can definitely detect the vanilla in this scent, which makes it so sweet and yummy! This might not be the kind of fragrance for everyone, but I adore sweet smells! This smell reminds me of a cake bakery! Another scent I enjoyed was the Garden of Good & Eva - it was a citrus floral smell. Not the overpowering grandma floral smell, but a subtle floral smell, and the citrus gives it a fresh kick, perfect for summer! Another one I liked was the Ring My Bella - its described as a fruity floral, and somehow reminded me of apples? I would definitely recommend a trip to Benefit to check out these fragrances - they have a total of six!
Goody Bag!!
Contents of the goody bag!
As mentioned before, I LOVE goody bags! This bag was so cute, and contained:
  • a copy of the Marvel Spygirl comic
  • various brochures 
  • samples of Triple Performing Facial Emulsion, Total Moisture Face Cream and It's Potent! Eye Cream
  • Full size Silky-Finish Lipstick in Breathless (RRP$34)

Silky-Finish Lipstick

Swatch of Breathless Lipstick

This was such a nice surprise, as I did not expect to see a full sized product in the goody bag! Breathless is a pearly pink/mauve colour, and applies so smoothly. It feels very hydrating but seems more like a fall colour, which is unfortunate as I won't get much of a chance to wear it out. It has a sheer coverage that's build-able, which reminds me a of the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine! 

Wow, this post was quite a long and picture heavy post. Ooops :P I guess I was just super excited to share my night with you!


  1. I'm obsessed with Benefit
    It's such an amazing brand and the packaging is to die for..
    seems like you picked up some greats things the tropicoral box is lovely I'm also lovinf coral at the moment

    1. Yes, it's an amazing brand! I learnt a lot about their products, and I'm definitely going back for more (when I am off my spending ban :P)

  2. Happy birthday! What a fabulous present!
    I never seem to know about ANY events, but if I did I would have totally been there! Looks like this one was a lot of fun, and you got some awesome goodies! :)

    1. Thank you! :) Next time theres an eent I'll be sure to blog about way in advance so we can all go! :P