Monday, 11 March 2013

B by Bloom Mineral Tool Kit

A quick post to show off what I think is an amazing bargain that I got today!
Image taken from Bloom website because my phone is crap at taking pics at night :P

I was walking around Target today with the intention of buying space bags and then leaving, but ended up looking through the beauty section (surprise, surprise). I wasn't really looking for anything in particular, but found a little Bloom mineral tool kit in the clearance section. Bloom was actually discontinued at Target sometime last year, and I took that opportunity to stock up on Bloom products :P Naturally, I took it to the price check and to my surprise I found the kit to be a mere $5! I just looked up the kit online and it's $39.95!

The Dual Mineral Brush is designed for powder foundation and concealer! The foundation brush is very dense and fluffy, and I just love fluffy brushes! It actually retails for $19.95! The Bloom Primer I've actually purchased before, and I quite like it. It has a very light texture (which I found similar to the FOA primer) and feels very hydrating. Alone, it retails for $29.95 which in my opinion is a bit steep, considering you can get much better primers for that price, if not less!

Nonetheless, I cannot get over the price of $5 for those two items! There were 2 of these kits left, and they also had very cute nail polish trios for $5, one trio was a collection of bright neons (pink, coral and green) and another set had what I would describe as colours from a smoky eye palette (Deep purple, very pale pink and a silver glitter) which I would have also purchased but I think I already have those colours :P I would definitely recommend a quick look at your local Target if you like Bloom products :)


  1. I really like bloom nail polishes I haven't tried much else from them but for $5 wow what a bargain :)

    1. Yeah, it was cheaper than my drink! :P