Sunday, 24 March 2013

Pinch Me

Just wanted to share this awesome website that I found out about recently - was actually meant to share this earlier but I completely forgot. Its a website called PINCHme, which has a great concept. You basically sign up, and you choose samples that you want to try and all they want is a short survey (I'm talking about like 4 multiple choice questions) for you to complete after you have tried it! I finally received my samples today (I was lucky enough to receive two) and I was very surprised at the size of the samples. They weren't sachets, but actually very generous samples!
The two samples I received

This sample of soap was 100g and packaged very nicely - seems almost like its a full size item

The only downfall of this site is that you have to be quick in claiming samples! Some of the nice samples (there was a sample of mascara that I wish I got!) run out really quickly, but others are still available. They release new samples everyday  and post about it on fb as well as shooting you an email, and the sample for today, which is coffee, is still available. 

You receive points for every sample you get, everytime you give feedback, and other things (such as likes of their fb page), and once you hit a certain amount of points, you are entitled to one sample per day!

If you wanted to check it out, or sign up, you can use this link here (which would give me referral points and link you directly to the available sample). Alternatively, you could just check them out at

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