Friday, 19 April 2013

I won my first giveaway! :D

Last week, I found out that I won Sailor Klerr's giveaway! I was so excited to receive that news and even more excited when I got the parcel yesterday! :)
Cute glittery card I got ;)

Claire spoilt me with THREE MUA palettes! Pastels, Undressed and Glitterball!

I loveeeee MUA undressed, and I haven't got the other two palettes before so I'm really excited to try them out, especially the glitterball!

FOA gel eyeliner, Essence Cherry blossom girl blush and MUA shimmer kisses Bronzer
YAY the most exciting thing about this giveaway was the Essence Cherry Blossom Girl Blush! I was on a spending ban when they came out so I didn't get to buy it, though I was tempted very very many times :P I am so stoked that I get to try it now since it's out of stock everywhere I look now!

Australis lipstick in Lick the Icing, and MUA lipstick in Juicy :)

FOA - Heart of Glass

When Claire said that she would include some surprise items in my prize, I did not expect it to be this many nail polishes! I was extremely happy to see the FOA pastels polish (since I never found it as I was too slow on the whole pastels bandwagon!) and THE NEW GLITTERATI POLISH!!! I've been reading a lot of reviews about glitter polishes lately, and been itching to get my hands on those gorgeous colours, especially some of the indie glitters! But this one from FOA is GORGEOUS! It's a milky pink colour with lots of different shaped pink-ish glitters, and also LOVE HEART GLITTERS! (Can you tell I'm excited with all my capital letters?!) I'm so so excited to try this out yayyy!

Thank you soo much Claire for the prize! Make sure you check out Sailor Klerr!! :D


  1. MUA is really good for eyeshadows from what i've herd through Youtube congrats on the win!

    1. Yeah MUA has amazing eyeshadows for great prices! You should definitely take advantage of them when they have sales! :)