Monday, 8 April 2013

Liebster Award

I was really excited to be nominated for the Liebster award by Amber almost 2 months ago, and it's been on my growing to-do list for that long, but it actually slipped my mind until I got nominated again by Nika!! Ooops..I've been so caught up at my new job that I haven't really had the time to blog as much as I'd like :( So I'm going to cheat a little and combine the questions from these two lovely ladies today! :)

The Rules

  • List 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
  • Ask 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate
  • Choose 11 new bloggers with less than 200 followers to nominate
  • Let everyone know they've been picked

11 Random Facts About Me

1. I only started getting into make-up after I finished uni last year!
2. I sing to myself when I'm at work and no one is around :P
3. Before I started working, I used to change my nail colour almost every day!
4. I am a massive hoarder!
5. One of my favourite beauty products was my first blush - it was a Playboy one (THE SHAME) and to this day, I still love it!
6. I listen to AM radio when I drive.
7. My room has the magical ability to make itself messy (no matter how much I clean it!)
8. I am an engineer  
9. I love playing the piano
10. I have more soft toys than my 10 year old sister!
11. I love Harry Potter!

Questions from Amber:

1. What is something you have done that made you proud of yourself?
I am currently on a spending ban (I want to save up for a trip at the end of the year) and I am proud to say that I have walked into Myer and Priceline several times and talked myself out of buying things!
2. What's your biggest fear?
I really fear loneliness.
3. If you could only use one beauty product for the rest of your life, what would it be?
This is a hard one! I would probably say mascara - it's one of the things I always reach for (even on the days I tell people I'm wearing no make-up!)
4. Whats your favourite weekend activity?
I love having a night out with my friends! We usually go to a restaurant and stay there til they kick us out :P
5. When putting makeup on, would you rather emphasise your eyes or lips?
My eyes!
6. What are you most excited for in 2013?
My trip at the end of the year! I've started planning already, and there a lots of places I want to go (and my shopping list is probably the longest list!)
7. What is your favourite restaurant?
I love Korean food, and theres this amazing little Korean restaurant called Joomak in Melbourne City. It's one of those secluded places that you can only find if you are looking for it!
8. What is your favourite beauty brand?
Another hard question! I would say that at the moment, I am really loving Benefit products!
9. Favourite healthy food?
10. What is your favourite thing about blogging?
I love that there is no real obligation to write regularly - you have the freedom to choose when you write, how you write and what you write about. I also love that its an outlet for me to talk about one of my favourite things in the world - beauty!
11. Do you have any pets?
We have fish and canaries, but those aren't really my pets. I want a puppy! :(
Questions from Nika:

1. Who was the first person you told about writing a blog?
I told my ex (we were still together back then), and none of my other friends know about my blog :P
2. In what you are interested beside beauty?
I love music, shopping (hehehe), baking and scrapbooking!
3. If you could buy just one brand of makeup for the rest of your life, which would it be?
This is almost as hard as the question about one product for the rest of my life :P Since I am in love with Benefit at the moment, I will probably choose them! Benefit has everything from skincare to make-up anyways :P 
4. How much time you dedicate to your blog, per week?
I try to update my blog at least once a week (but I've been very slack lately)...I'd say probably 2-3 hours a week?
5. Who is your favourite beauty blogger, why?
That's like asking me what my favourite beauty product is! I love them all! I love reading everyones insight about beauty products, and for some reason, I especially love it when its a negative review (am I evil?)
6. What is your dream job?
Does 'being paid to do nothing' count as a job? haha 
It has been my dream for some time now to open up my own business - I've always wanted to make those amazing party cakes, and would love to be the head chef (baker?) in my own company!
7. Share one beauty trick, the best one.
Apply mascara first from the top of your lashes, and then apply from the bottom(the usual way)
8. What advice would you give for begginers on blogger?
Don't stress about the little things. I used to write a lot of posts that then got deleted straight away because I didn't like how one sentence sounded. Just write whatever comes to your mind, no one will judge you! :P
9. Do you wear any makeup when you are home?
It depends on my mood - sometimes I like to play with make-up and try out different looks when I'm at home
10. How do you apply make up (with brushes, fingers)?
11. Which person is most special in your life?
To be honest, I don't know. Everyone is special to me :P

Questions to my nominees:
1. What is your Holy Grail product?
2. Why did you start your blog?
3. What kind of music do you like?
4. What is your go-to nail polish colour?
5. Do you prefer a nude or bold lip?
6. What is one of your greatest achievements to date?
7. When did you start to use make-up? 
8. If you could only use 3 beauty products for an entire year, what would you use?
9. How long does it take for you to put on your make-up?
10. Whats your favourite food?
11. What would you buy with your last $10?


Thanks to Amber and Nika for nominating me! And Amber, sorry it took me almost 2 months to answer your questions (better late than never, right?!) :D


  1. Thank you for nominating me Amy! :) I can't wait to do this! :D

    I love Korean food, especially during cooler weather. I recently tried their fried and saucy chicken, man KFC should be out of business.

    Haha oh dear, I have a habit of sitting at restaurants and cafes till they start shoving bills in my face. It's hard to move from a comfortable place! And let me know if you ever become a baker because I eat cake for breakfast... I think I need to raid my fridge now!


    1. I can't wait to read your responses! I know what you mean about the korean fried chicken! I tried that the other week and I am HOOKED. It's amazingly good (what KFC?!) haha

      I love baking - but the worse is cleaning up :( I'm so lazy >.<

  2. congrats on your award! it's interesting that you are an engineer, like harry potter, and enjoy a negative review hahaha

    1. BAHA yeah , I like to think that I'm one of a kind ;)