Wednesday, 24 April 2013

My Priceline Haul

As many of you know, Priceline was having a 40% off sale for all cosmetics, and I couldn't help but knock off work early and head to my local Priceline to take advantage of this sale! Unfortunately, some of the things I wanted were already sold out (like the Loreal Nude Magique CC cream, Loreal Nude Magique BB cream, various shades of Revlon Lip butters, Essence lipsticks and FOA nail polishes), but I still managed to buy more than I need haha

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Powder in Natural Biege 
I couldn't help but purchase two of these! These were actually incorrectly priced which is why I got them so cheap - I got them for $11.97 (RRP is $29.95)! So glad I had two in my basket! :P My mum loves these powders so I actually got them for her

Maybelline City Rescue Make-up Remover
This make-up remover is perfect for stubborn waterproof mascara! Couldn't help getting two (I have a major issue where I have 2-3 of my favourite products haha)

Innoxa Classic Lipstick in Deep Strawberry 
I love Innoxa lipsticks! This is a gorgeous plum colour that is perfect for Autumn!

Innoxa Nail Polish in Lemon
Finally got myself a pastel yellow polish! Can't wait to incorporate this in my future nail designs :P

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in 53
I've heard lots of raves about this in blogs and on youtube, and I'm glad to finally try it out! At the RRP of $32.00, I couldn't bear to try it in case I hated it, especially since knowing its much cheaper overseas. However, with 40% off, I figured WHY NOT, and I actually really like this product! It smells devine, and is the perfect match for my skin right now! I might have to do a full review on this because it really does live up to the hype!

Nude by Nature Papaw Ointment
Ahh, was so annoyed that this product was also in my LHI this month! I still haven't opened it yet since I've got a bit left in my Lucas Papaw Ointment!

I was so lucky that I have essence at my local priceline! Some of the essence products I bought were actually 50% off already, so I received a further 40% off that! If I had known, I would have stocked up much more :P

Essence Blush Brush
This brush is so cute, and would be perfect for travels, as you wouldn't worry about losing it since its so affordable!

Essence Silky Touch Blush
This is a gorgeous, light pink-peachy colour!

Essence Smoky Eye Kit (Brown)
This was actually 50% off and an extra 40% off! If I had known, I would have bought the black set too, but I didn't notice til I got home! :(

Essence Quick Dry Topcoat
I actually wanted the express nail polish drop thing (you know what I mean!) but that was sold out, so I picked this up instead.

Essence Nail Polish in 119 Boho Chic
This nail polish ended up costing 82 cents! I can't believe how cheap it was when I saw my receipt at home! Its such a lovely, peach colour with glitter and shimmery pieces, quite unique and something I don't have in my collection. Unfortunately, I have a LOAD of new nail polishes I still need to try so it might be a while before I try this out!

Did you take advantage of this amazing sale? I should have been saving but I was completely sucked in haha


  1. I've been hearing about healthy mix all over the internet as well!! I was at priceline the other day, stopped, stared at healthy mix for a good few minutes. And placed it back on the shelf after thinking about my other 5+ bottles of foundation at home! *dies*.. sort of regretting now.. dammit.. My friend bought the Loreal BB cream, we tried the liquid one, it was really cakey, the powder compact was pretty good though!

    1. Yeah I'm so glad I got the Healthy Mix! It took me ages to decide if I wanted the foundation or the serum but I went with the serum in the end because its meant to have the semi-matte finish! If you really want to try it, Asos has it about a dollar cheaper than what I paid :( and it'll be even cheaper when they have their 20% or 25% off everything sales!

  2. Lucky lucky girl! You picked up some gorgeous products.

    1. Thanks Candice! I still think I got a tad too much - I've been trying to organise my make-up for ages, but the pile just keeps magically growing :P

  3. I don't blame you for buying two of the powders. They look so gorgeous.

    1. It is, isn't it? I love that it has the green to reduce redness! And it's such a smooth, soft powder :)

  4. Oh wow you got some gorgeous things! Those powders are amazing xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. HAHA thanks! I love the powders too..I kind of which I bought the Physicians Formula blush - they have the cutest heart designs all over it! :P

  5. I also got the healthy mix serum foundation as well! It's great isn't! Love the post! I love how you got alot of Essence stuff their a great brand!

    1. Yeah, Essence is amazing, especially for that price! I am in love with my healthy mix serum! It's the best thing I've bought in a while :P

  6. great haul!
    i have the original healthy mix foundation and it is one of my favorites. such a great drugstore foundation. :)

    1. I love the serum, especially the smell!! I might have to get the original healthy mix foundation too! :P